The difference between colored tempered glass protector and other tempered glass protector.

The difference between colored tempered glass protector and other tempered glass protector.


  Currently on the market of mobile phone film by the main points: plastic film (my oral language, professional terms should be PET, PVC, PP, etc.) and tempered glass film. Tempered glass film by color points are: all transparent glass film (we collectively referred to as “white”) and color tempered glass film (commonly known as “color film”).

  The advantages of plastic film is light, thin, cheap, shortcomings are translucent bad, easy to scratch (hardness in 2-3H), tear after the residual glue, contaminated fingerprint oil is not easy to remove, can not effectively protect the phone Damage to the screen.

  Full transparent tempered glass film has the advantage of good light transmission, not easy to scratch, effectively prevent the phone touch on the screen damage. But in today’s colorful world, such as plastic film like the white film can show you different?
Will your taste stand out among the many local tycoons when friends meet? Is there a film to decorate your phone to match your dress today, set off your mood?

Color tempered glass film
The advantages:
1, anti-oil anti-fingerprint: the surface after oil treatment, so that fingerprints and oil is not easy to stay on the surface, clean and easy.
2, not easy to scratch: the surface hardness of 8-9H, is 3 times the strength of ordinary PET, tools and keys are not cut.
3, anti-rupture: landing test 30cm / 68g range, does not appear the emergence of screen fragmentation.
4, rich colors: a variety of patterns, colors to choose from, highlight your personality and taste.

  But the color film is also a good variety, according to the color can be divided into monochrome and multi-color, according to the thickness of points can be divided into 0.15mm, 0.26mm, 0.33mm, 0.40mm. 0.15mm the best light transmission, but the price is very high, because it is very thin so weak anti-rupture performance. 0.40mm slightly thick, slightly better explosion-proof, but feel less sensitivity, and a little sense of sudden, increasing the overall thickness of the phone.

  SMAPP currently used 0.26mm / 0.33mm tempered glass, moderate thickness, without affecting the appearance and feel under the premise of the maximum to retain the explosion.


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