360 full cover TPU material screen protector for iphone

360 full cover TPU material screen protector for iphone

Available Thickness:0.15mm,0.2mm
Available Radian:2.5D Round Angle
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Product Description

360 full cover TPU material screen protector for iPhone

Brand name:Smapp
Model:For iphone
Raw Material:TPU Screen Protector
Available Thickness:0.15mm,0.2mm
Available Radian:2.5D Round Angle
Net weight:8g
Accessories:Screen protector+OPP Bag+Cleaning colth+Paper card+1.2 Labels
Sample offer:Free sample available
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Specification and Features
360 full cover TPU material screen protector for iphone
1.Raw Material
Japan Asahi Glass+ Japan toyo glue which are one of best material in the world.
Anti-fingerprint Oil: Japan ShineTsu with 0.4% concentration
Tempered Material: KNO3
20 x CNC Machines which can reach 20,000 pcs/Day output.
10 x 3D hot bending Tunnel Furnace machine which is much better than high frequency machine
8 x Glue Pasting machine
5 x Toughening furnace
4 x Buffing machine
2 x Plama spraying machine which will make perfect coating refuse anti-fingerprint.
2 x Punching machine
1 x Automatic labeling machine
1 x Group ultrasonic cleaning machine
Water Droplets Angle Test: 110 degree before, 105degree after. (1x1cm spoke ball under 1KG weight through 3000times)
Ball Drop Test: 50g Steel Ball drop from 50cm height test ok.
Hardness test: 9H. ( Tested by SGS)
3 steps inspection- ( Before tempered process, Before anti-fingerprint oil spraying, Before shipment )
10 QC will keep all good quality. will check one by one before shipment.
5.Other Parameter
Buffing time: 10 minutes
Bevel edge width: 0.5mm
AF baking condition: 150 degree/30min
6.Quality Guarantee
Free replacement or reduce costs from your next order.

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