Tempered glass screen protector of the raw material is what.

Tempered glass screen protector of the raw material is what.

Raw materials: different materials are different glass

Glass film is made of different brands of glass raw materials made of. Since it is tempered glass film, then the importance of its raw materials – glass is self-evident, the original glass in accordance with the manufacturers to divide, can be divided into two parts of domestic and imported, domestic, including Los glass, CSG, imported Japan Asahi Glass (AGC), Plate of Glass, ** Mo, Germany Schott and Corning of the United States. Cheap tempered glass film to domestic glass-based film.

Glass raw materials

From the quality point of view, high-end imports (Corning, Schott, Asahi Glass)> in the end of domestic (such as Glass)> low-end domestic (no-name). AGC, Schott, Corning these three have their own products, the three top products of the quality are in between, the difference is not great. What is the main difference between domestic and imported? The main difference between the two is the light transmission rate and price. The light transmission rate of domestic materials can only reach 92% or less, imports of materials to ensure that the light transmission rate of 95% or more, with a better visual experience, of course, the price of imports is higher.

Glass film thickness of course, the smaller the better feel, the higher the fit, the thicker the worse feel. Now if you need to buy glass film, it is best to buy 0.2mm, relatively speaking, the most cost-effective. Now the market has a relatively large thickness of the domestic production of glass, the thickness of 0.5mm or less, it is difficult to feel out by hand, whether it is 0.2mm with 0.3mm, or 0.3mm with 0.4mm, are very difficult to distinguish The So the market has some bad steel protective film manufacturers to confuse consumers in order to.

0.4mm above the thickness of the glass film, too thick is very affect the feel, and now basically has been eliminated.

0.3mm is now the mainstream mainstream thickness, but it seems slightly thicker.

0.2mm is now the mainstream high-quality tempered film, permeability, feel are good, the price slightly more expensive.

0.15mm is now the thinnest process, the pursuit of the ultimate transparency and feel can choose.

Here that 0.2mm of the tempered glass film raw materials, so far, can achieve the original thickness of raw materials is 0.2mm, and only the United States Corning and Germany Schott two kinds of glass. There is also a 0.2mm tempered glass film raw material, is 0.33mm thick glass raw material soaked in chemical medicine in the thinning. This thinned glass material, the thickness will not be so uniform. Thick place may be 0.25mm, thin place 0.22mm. After processing 0.2mm glass in toughness and flatness, etc. will be worse than the original 0.2mm. But the cost is still much higher than the ordinary 0.33mm glass.

The United States Corning and Germany Schott is the market can be the thickness of 0.2mm below, the higher the cost, but the market is no shortage of a lot of cheap known as 0.2mm, 0.15mm tempered glass film. Why is that? In fact, the thickness of the virtual glass is the glass industry, a public secret, 0.3mm called 0.2mm or even 0.15mm abound. And the thickness of less than 0.1, it is difficult to feel out by hand. So that the virtual standard thickness is “open secret”.

Whether it is tempered glass film manufacturers or tempered glass film traders, are not marked on the tempered glass AB double-sided adhesive thickness, leading to conceal the true thickness of tempered glass film. Tempered glass film products have two parts: tempered glass + AB double-sided adhesive, which AB double-sided adhesive thickness of 0.2mm, the thinnest of 0.093mm, the market is the so-called 0.4 thickness of the true thickness of the glass film products: 0.493 Mm ~ 0.6mm.

It should be noted that Corning gorilla glass, Japan AGC, SCHOTT Xensation generally refers to the mobile phone glass cover (touch screen protection glass), these manufacturers do not produce mobile phone film. But the film manufacturers to buy the original glass to cut the original film, cut edge, made of chemical steel, so strictly speaking, these films can not be crowned the title of gorilla glass.


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